Rivers in spate together with gale force wind and rain is the biggest hazard you will face on the trail. The majority of rivers in calm conditions are generally benign. However rivers in spate transform them into a serous and sometimes dangerous hazards.

Walking across a river in spate without shoes\boots because you do not wish to get your boots wet is very dangerous. 

Rivers which may cause you problems if in spate;

 Allt an t-Seilich, and then, a short distance further on, the Bynack Burn on the way to the last of the 3 rivers the Geldie which may be in spate especially after snow melt or after storms. Alternatively just pitch your tent and wait it out.

Sandwood Loch outlet from -wide and deep in places if in spate. Look for rippling on surface and you can zig zag across. NC 225 652.

Loch Calavie NH 053 383 

River Ling after leaving Maol  bhuidhe bothy NH 0512 36275 if in spate use walking poles to probe ahead of your footing in some places last 2 metres are difficult before opposite bank.

Coire Mhic Fhearchair NH 961 713 climbing up from Lochan Fada.  fast flowing in spate cross approx 200-280 m above waterfall.

River Douchary NH 250 911 Wide and storing river in spate try to cress just before the waterfall.

On the way out from Inchnadamph Gorm Loch NC 311 248 Deep cross between Loch Beag and  Loch Mor, if possible.

Garb Alt NC 270 498 very fast in spate cross near first bend east of the Loch