Dates in Scotland Map History
AD 150 Ptolemy's map of Scotland
1250 Matthew Paris map of Scotland
1360 Gough Map
1457 Hardyng's Map of Scotland
1540 Scotland circumnavigated
1544-50 First military maps of Scotland
1566 First map of to show Scotland alone
1583 Nicolay's map of Scotland
1596 Timothy Ponts only dated map
1647 Gordons birds eye view of Edinburgh
1654 First atlas of Scotland
1680-81 John Adair begins county mapping work
 1683 Modernisation of Board of Ordnance
1703 Adiars 'Descriptionof the sea-Coast and islands of Scotland
1714 H.Moll North Part of Great Britain called Scotland
1734 J Cowley Display of the Coasting Lines of Six Several Maps of North Britain

Dates  Scottish History

150 Polybuis Publishes Histories

Norway cedes Western Isles to Scotland

1314 Battle of Bannockburn


1492 Columbus discovers the New World

1507 Scotland's first printing press


1513 Battle of Floden